Paul Bordner

About The Clean Air Lawn Care Columbia SC Owner

Lawn Care Columbia SC
Clean Air Lawn Care Columbia Team! Paul, Natalie and Daniel.

Why did you open Clean Air Lawn Care Columbia SC?

I was looking for something different and that I believed I would enjoy starting up with my son Daniel and maybe even our younger children if they choose.  I was stuck in the corporate/professional world for decades and really enjoy being outdoors.  Clean Air offered a proven business model that differentiates us from other typical lawn care companies.

What sustainable habits do you have?

After moving to SC we started recycling and now we make weekly trips to the local recycling center. Our grass is watered by utilizing lake water and we recently purchased a hybrid vehicle.

What are your hobbies?

Enjoying watching our children play sports and growing up, pickleball, lake life, drag racing, working out 

What inspires you, motivates you?

My family most of all, caring and providing for them.  Also helping others is very fulfilling for me.  I feel I am a good problem solver and always try and stay optimistic and provide solution and not excuses.

Who is your family? tell us a little about them!

Natalie and I have been married since 1996 and we have 4 wonderful children.  After selling our successful family business back in Ohio, we relocated August 2018 to live on Lake Murray.  Samuel (23) is our oldest and currently is a MiLB baseball player with the Miami Marlins.  Daniel (21) is following my foot steps and looking to become a young entrepreneur.  Meredith (13) will be entering high school next year and very gifted student and athlete.  Trey (Paul III =12) is a mini me and also excels at school and athletics